The astonishingly talented Rosemary Loar wrote the music, lyrics, and with husband Robert W. Atwood, the book as well. She also plays the protagonist, Wildberry Rosemary Loar is a force of nature: singing fortissimo producing white, uncovered, straight tones without covering or vibrato, then sweetly, pianissimo, with lovely head tones.
— Theatre Pizzaz

“You have a couple of bona fide hits here!” ­- Frankie Previte (Academy Award winner/Dirty Dancing) “


“Water for the Moon has a tuneful. rockin' score with sophisticated lyrics. The ballad Irish Lullaby is simply breathtaking.” -­ David Zippel (Tony Award lyricist/ City Of Angels)

”Rosemary Loar songwriting mixes theatre, jazz and pop in a truly effective and original style" - Stephen Flaherty (Tony award composer/Ragtime)


“I’m not usually a fan of rock musicals, it not really being my genre, but I found this piece extremely moving, accessible and relevant to my life, the songs grabbed me, and Rosemary's singing was over­ the­ moon amazing!" - ­David Friedman (arranger/composer/lyricist/ Disney Films Beauty and The Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas)

“You are truly one of the most amazing writers! A true poet! Your images are so clear..and not typical in any way! They speak to the heart and the soul in such a poetic way! You are brilliant!­" - Karen Mason (Broadway and cabaret legend)


When was the last time you saw a musical that got you on your feet, cheering for love, family, and rocking good music? "Water from the Moon," written by the amazing Rosemary Loar is a real tour de force, a rock opera with heart, guts, and imagination. Loar is a world class artist, and she wrote some terrific songs for this show. "Water from the Moon" deserves a large audience.­ Claudia Serea (poet­/New Letters Readers Award)

This is a fantastic show. Rosemary Loar and her incredible cast rock the house while telling a very sweet, moving story about a father and daughter who must struggle to understand each other. See it now and you'll have bragging rights forever about seeing it before anyone else. ­- Mike Folie (Dramatist Guild Magazine named him one of “Fifty Playwrights to Watch.)


It was a triumph in every way!! So deeply heartfelt and powerful and moving! You are a power house of talent. Congrats on a victory!! - Cheryl Stern (award winning actress and playwright)

I just had the pleasure to see Rosemary Loar's gorgeous show "Water From the Moon" ­­she needs a long run. I was amazed and moved and walked out feeling FEELINGS. What a triumph!! The entire cast, direction and band ­­ great. - Nancy Shane (playwright. actress)


Anything with sisters in it resonates in this house, and as I was listening to your sister song I was hearing my own daughters singing it, a very good sign. It's a great tune along with the other wonderful songs in the show. - Tom La Mark (orchestrater, conductor)

STUPENDOUS musically and emotionally. - Barbara O’Malley (award winning cabaret performer)


The word MASTERPIECE comes to mind­. - Sam Echo (composer)